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I promise this will be a short post. Unlike my last one. haha.

I finished my script for Assignment #1. Which means shortly I will be making my media piece about our wedding planning.

I had to revise it after my first submission, but I feel much better about it than I did before anyway. I was happy to get feedback and see where to improve it.

Not that it will be a film festival winner or anything close to perfect, but after revising my script I realized that the problem with it was that I had focused too much on the end and not about the process. The process was the interesting part. “Focusing too much on the end” is a problem I seem to have from time to time… but that’s another story for another day. I promised this would be short. ;)

Once I fixed that problem with my script, it was much better.

Stay tuned for my media piece!


Here is my first “assignment post.”

Assignment #1 was to tell a story about yourself. This is the story of our initial wedding planning process/stresses.

After approval of my story map, I will post my script.

Story Map

This is my first post for my blogfolio for 767: Media Platforms.

I will use it to post all of my assignments and any articles I find particularly interesting. I would like to continue to use this blog for my work/thoughts/etc in the future also.  (For those of you who know me personally, you know my name will not be Smeenk Enrique :) until 10/10/10) Hopefully I can keep updating this as time goes.

Assignment #1 complete! :)


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