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I am typically not a “celebrity” follower. Yes, I enjoy movies and the occasional celebrity gossip but I’ve never been a consistent watcher of entertainment “news” shows or reader of entertainment-related periodicals.

However, I’ve noticed lately that plastic surgery seems to be the new diet/fitness/health “option.” And while I would never deny the ever-present question of “what are we doing to ourselves?”… I ask one more question… “what are we doing to our futures?”

We all know perfect bodies as seen in magazines, advertisements, and movies. We all have moments of envy (c’mon… let’s be honest. How could you NOT look at the typical celebrity and not think, “man, if only I could look like that.”). But when did looking freakishly UNhuman or UNnatural become the goal?

Case in point… Heidi Montag. As far as I know (because I honestly don’t know her “history” well), she became famous on tv from the show, The Hills. Since then she has undergone a series of 10 or so plastic surgeries. Yes, 10. No typo there. I caught a glimpse of her recently in a bikini & ho.ly.cow. Not only is she not as pretty as she was (the way God made her), but she looks like an alien. I fear her next step might be Michael Jackson-esque.

Some may say I’m just jealous of her body or her tiny waist or ridiculous bust-to-waist ratio. To them I say… pssht (complete with a little spit to emphasize my point). I may never have a perfectly flat stomach like her and I may get wrinkles in years to come. But… I can say that there is absolutely nothing plastic about myself. Everything I’ve done to get in shape has been my determination and hard work.

And another recent phenomenon I’ve noticed is a trend amongst Asian women who want to alter their eyes to be more round. Perhaps I’m biased but I’ve always thought their eyes were the most beautiful feature of an Asian woman. I can honestly say it is one thing about myself I would never change, even if I could. I heard one reason is that some of them are made fun of for having small eyes (even in their home countries). As someone who was teased for being different when I was younger… I know the pressure that can bring and the deep hurt it can cause. But when did almond-shaped eyes become undesirable?

I may be blessed with good genes, self-control, decent self-esteem, motivation, a good life situation or any other factor you may want to attribute to me… but I do not understand this new fascination with wanting to change EVERYthing about yourself. Even on days when I wish parts of my body could be different, I would not want to do a total overhaul on myself. And I certainly do not understand wanting to change a part of yourself that makes you beautiful.

This new obsession with looking unnatural sincerely unnerves me. I shudder to imagine what implications may arise in years to come.



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