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This post was originally intended to praise the blog/website of Operation Beautiful, but has evolved into more (shocking, I know).

It’s a website run by a woman my age (actually local to Orlando even) and it’s all about positive messages to women to remind them that they are beautiful. Her “mission” is to leave little messages of positive thinking in random places. On post-its, mirrors, bulletin boards, etc.

I, for one, think this is fabulous. In a world where size 6 is considered “fat” by the glamorous media kings and queens (who have time & money for personal trainers), I think it’s important to remind each other that “we are beautiful” just the way we are, both men & women. This is not to condone unhealthy living, obviously. But it pains me to see women who are a good size for their build being depressed or starving because they see the “double-zero” sizes at stores like Abercrombie + Fitch.

I confess I have given in partially to this pressure. I have a faint echo of “chubby bride in wedding dress” in the back of my mind. haha. I recently started the infamous P90X program that nearly everyone in America has seen on tv at some point. I have enjoyed it actually because it is focused more on toning & health than weight loss. I’m not trying to get down to any certain number of any kind. But just trying to tone up and get in shape and stay healthy.

In other areas of life, the policies at my school are changing. I honestly don’t see them as good or bad. I see them as neutral with potentials for good or bad. I admit that a little more structure was probably necessary, and these changes can be for the better but only if everyone responds accordingly (professors & students alike). These new changes will also force me to discipline myself more, I believe. Not that I’m completely reckless with my time or efforts. But I admit with work, school, life, and wedding planning… I am probably a little more scattered than I would ideally like to be.

My “operation” will be motivation. To be more positive about myself. To work hard. To follow through. To live life to the fullest. To take things one at a time. To remember to breathe. To smile even on rainy days. To strive for “better-ness” every day.


It’s come to my attention recently that complaints seem to have become the language of the day. I am guilty of this myself. There are days at work when negative thoughts and complaints and whining are the only things that can come to mind.

Sure, I could blame it on stress, co-workers, bad luck or other people in general. But in the end, it’s my choice. I choose to be negative. I choose to be angry or frustrated. I choose to be the “victim” of my day. I choose to lash out at others.

Over the past few months or so, I’ve noticed that some people do nothing but complain, even on days where there is so much to be happy and thankful for. This does not go to say that some days are bad or some things call for a few tears of anger or sadness. But when it comes to things like vacations, weddings, honeymoons, family gatherings, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays… days that should be filled with joy… why do we look for ways to complain?

Maybe it’s because my mind is in wedding-mode, but why do (some) brides especially seem to make big deals over nothing? Yes, it may rain on your wedding. Welcome to the real world where we cannot control the weather- be thankful for the way it smells so fresh when it rains. No, random strangers may not care you’re on your honeymoon. Welcome to a world that is not centered around you- be happy that you’re married and with your new spouse!

But I digress… I’m simply saying I’m done. I may not be able to promise to never complain again, and let’s face it- sometimes we bond with one another over mutual frustrations and/or circumstances. But that doesn’t mean I will let the “badness” take over my days anymore. I have been looking forward to this year for a long time and I refuse to let a few minor setbacks ruin it. The bad only makes the good seem sweeter.

This is 2010– the year I marry the love of my life, the year I achieve my Master’s Degree, the year my “little” brother graduates and goes off to grad school, the year for moving onward and upward. And another chance to become a better person.


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